Stop Wage Garnishment – What You Need to Know
Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Michael D. Franco

Stop Wage Garnishment – What You Need to Know

Stop Wage GarnishmentYou get a notice from your payroll department at work, a wage garnishment will be starting in 10 days-a creditor has a judgment against you are never going to be taking part of your wages.

My Orange County bankruptcy office has assisted numerous individuals needing to stop wage garnishment. A wage garnishment is often the tip of the iceberg-meaning that the person has other debt issues that are bubbling under the surface.

There are two general responses to a wage garnishment-to claim an exemption under state law in the court the judgment was entered in, or to file a bankruptcy. There are rare instances when a judgment is entered against the wrong person. That is a matter for state court in such a person would usually have to file a motion and retain state court counsel to pursue such a course of action. As a certified specialist in bankruptcy that is not my area of expertise and I would advise certain individual in that circumstance to seek appropriate counsel. What I have done for my clients in bankruptcy court is stop wage garnishment upon the filing of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and immediately contact the payroll department and the creditor seeking to garnish the wages. Every situation is unique and requires individualized review.

In my experience, it does not take a lot to throw off a person’s financial stability. A wage garnishment may be enough to tip the scales of a person’s finances into having to decide whether they can pay the rent or not or some other essential living expense. Based on my experience, when you receive a wage garnishment notice it is important to immediately consult with an experienced professional. My office is ready to discuss your individualized situation and explore options in bankruptcy, including how bankruptcy can stop a wage garnishment in its tracks – freeing you from losing up to 25% of your income and your employer having to jump through hoops to comply with the legal process.

Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law Michael D. FrancoI Have Personal Experience, I Get It.

My own father was a warehouseman who was injured at work when I was young. I watched the vultures circle around and take advantage of him financially. I have no magical solution to someone’s financial problems. What I can offer is 20 years of experience in the bankruptcy field to let you know what your options are and to assist you in maximizing your protections.

Need to Stop a Wage Garnishment? Financial Stress Becoming Overwhelming?

If you are facing a wage garnishment, call my office so we can discuss your situation in detail.

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