Stop Creditor Lawsuits – Collection Lawsuits Defense

Stop Creditor Lawsuits – Collection Lawsuits Defense

Stop Creditor Lawsuits – Collection Lawsuits DefenseStop Creditor Lawsuits – Have one or more creditors filed a collection lawsuit and you were just served a summons? It may be that you received a letter that you are being sued by a law firm (and yet you haven’t been officially served yet).

If you were just served a collections lawsuit — or are aware that you are about to be sued — or know ‘in your gut’ a lawsuit is inevitable, you can head that off – STOP creditor lawsuits whether already-filed or pending. You can forget about the added burden and expense of hiring a lawyer to draft and file your answer to a lawsuit as well. Moreover, filing bankruptcy put the brakes on ALL collection efforts against you in one decisive move.

If Served a Lawsuit, You Must Answer it or Take Other Steps Immediately

If you owe a debt a creditor can file a collection lawsuit against you. If you do not respond they will win by default-that means they get a judgment against you because you did not respond. Should you respond? You can always file an answer in state court, but that will cost you about $400 and if you owe the debt what would you argue was a defense? If you owe multiple creditors, then you might be repeating this process again and again. Under such a circumstance you should weigh your bankruptcy options. A chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy could dramatically improve your standing to address these debts. A chapter 7, if you qualify for relief, could absolve you of the requirement to repay the debt. A chapter 13, a reorganization bankruptcy where you make payments, could dramatically reduce the amount you have to pay over time.

You Can STOP Creditor Lawsuits in Their Tracks by Filing Bankruptcy

Stop hiding from Process ServersAre you hiding from process servers? Upon the filing of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy an “automatic stay” activates to stop creditor lawsuits and ALL other harassment and collection efforts. This is a federal injunction against collection efforts.

Everyone’s situation is unique, so it is advisable to consult with an experienced bankruptcy professional. If you filed a previous bankruptcy, then you need to consult with a bankruptcy specialist to ensure the automatic stay would still apply. With over 20 years of experience I have assisted numerous clients in dealing with creditor lawsuits and their chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies. It is important to review your individual situation with an experienced bankruptcy professional, so be cautious and do not accept a generalized statement. If you’re reading this, you are doing research online and that is a smart first step. My office is ready to meet with you to consult with your next step.

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Stop Creditor Lawsuits – Served a summons? Received a letter you are being sued? Is a creditor lawsuit inevitable? Filing Bankruptcy can STOP new or already-filed lawsuits instantly as well as wiping out other debt, preventing eviction, foreclosure, bank levies and vehicle repossession. We can File Bankruptcy remotely. Free Phone consultation (714) 252-6268

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