No Work – Laid Off – Bills to Pay – Now What?
When You Can't Pay Your Bills

No Work – Laid Off – Bills to Pay – Now What?

No Work – Laid Off – Bills to Pay – Now What?No work – no income – If you do not have a job and cannot pay your current bills — let alone pay off all your other debts — you are likely in big trouble. Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy relief is a solution that can solve many problems is one swift stroke. The Federal government filing bankruptcy available to people in financial turmoil so they can get a fresh start and become productive on the other side of the process. Michael Franco can personally answer all your questions. Call now for a FREE phone consultation.

When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Universally, when an individual as no job and no significant source of income to pay your bills, there is constant stress and anxiety to where life becomes miserable. Those who have never been in such a dilemma, don’t have a clue as to how awful and powerless you feel. No matter how bad things are and might get, there are two things to remember:

  • Getting into financial difficulty does not mean you are irresponsible.
  • And, remember, you will recover from this and there will be better times.

Many people rely on their regular paycheck to pay their current bills. Then the job goes away — for whatever reason – and there is no work to be found elsewhere, that creates an immediate financial crisis. Rent or a mortgage does not get paid. Utilities do not get paid. And of course, any creditors would usually go to the end of the line for payment. Based on my experience of over 20-years as a bankruptcy attorney I have spoken to many people in this situation.

One thing I would stress for anyone who finds themself in a ‘no work’ situation-they need to focus what financial resources they have on keeping a roof over their head and paying essentials. Debt service, despite whatever the of whatever a debt collector on the telephone will tell you, is not essential! You, your family and health are.

I’ve spoken to so many people who were out of a job — and had no work opportunities on the horizon — who were harassed into making a payment to a nonessential creditor with money they needed for food rent or utilities. Especially during times of financial turmoil, it is important to take a breath before you make any financial decisions. Most collection agencies operate on the Maxim “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” – they intend to be the squeaky wheel that will not leave you alone until you pay the money. I have even had clients receive calls from unscrupulous collectors claiming to be the police or some other agency that will tell them if they don’t send them a payment. Once again it is so important to not react quickly and emotionally to a voice on the telephone. It is important to not overreact to even a letter you received, or honestly, even a summons on a state court lawsuit. This is not to say don’t take this seriously. It is important to not react impulsively.

Gather facts do your research and speak to an experienced professional, such as a certified specialist in bankruptcy with more than 20 years of experience-such as myself.

Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law Michael D. FrancoI Have Personal Experience, I Get It.

My own father was a warehouseman who was injured at work when I was young. I watched the vultures circle around and take advantage of him financially. I have no magical solution to someone’s financial problems. What I can offer is 20 years of experience in the bankruptcy field to let you know what your options are and to assist you in maximizing your protections.

No Work? Many Bills and Debts? Financial Stress Becoming Overwhelming?

If you are facing no work, no paycheck and have insufficient income to pay overwhelming expenses, call us for useful insights that might make sense for you and your family going forward.

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