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Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney

Santa Ana Bankruptcy attorney, Michael D. Franco, can help if you are deep in debt, facing legal action by creditors, wage garnishment, auto repossession, or home foreclosure. You might find that bankruptcy could solve ALL those financial problems and offer you satisfying relief from your financial dilemma. He is expert in Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy law.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, using credit cards for everyday living expenses, or borrowing money from retirement accounts, family, and friends to pay your bills Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 might offer you relief. Businesses that are struggling under heavy debt might benefit filing a Chapter 11 “reorganization” bankruptcy.

Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney

Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney Michael D. Franco

Santa Ana Bankruptcy AttorneyI am Santa Ana Bankruptcy attorney Michael D. Franco. For more than 20-years, I have helped individuals, couples, and businesses in Orange County who need experienced and affordable legal assistance with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. My Santa Ana bankruptcy clients appreciate that they are represented ONLY BY ME, their attorney, from beginning of their case through its conclusion.

My Santa Ana Bankruptcy law firm is one of the best Bankruptcy law firms in Orange County. People LOVE it that I take care of every client personally!

I do not hand off any client to staff, paralegals or junior lawyers.

I am a State Bar of California Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law. I have personally handled 1,000’s of cases. I offer FREE consultations in my office, by phone, Skype, and when possible, I can visit you at your home, office or corner Starbucks. During our no-cost consultation, based on your unique circumstances, I will carefully explain your various options. If bankruptcy is not the right choice for you, I’ll tell you so. If bankruptcy makes sense for you, your family, or business, I’ll help you to create a plan of action that will protect you from your creditors, fit your budget, and protect your rights.

Hiring the wrong Santa Ana Bankruptcy attorney can cost you time, money, and aggravation. Any general law attorney can file a bankruptcy case, even if they don’t specialize in bankruptcy law. Because potential bankruptcy clients had trouble choosing a lawyer they could trust, I worked extra hard for years to earn the ‘certified specialist’ designation from the independent and reputable State Bar of California.

Do Certified Specialists Charge More? – Some lawyers who earn their Certified status do charge more. My fees have remained consistent for years. One reason I can offer stellar legal services to virtually any individual or couple is because I DO specialize in Bankruptcy Law. Not only am I skilled and experienced, I have become very efficient – – – even without farming my client’s work to paralegals as so many lawyers will do.

Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Consumer Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, | Chapter 11

Consumer Bankruptcy

Most people are misinformed about bankruptcy. By the end of my free consultation you will be better informed, and I will share some options for you to consider. The options are not always bankruptcy – but what is best for your unique circumstances. Following our phone or sit-down meeting, if you what to more thoroughly explore how Bankruptcy might solve your financial dilemma, I will then ask you to provide me a detailed list of your debts and assets. On the debt side, I need a list of credit card debt, past and current lawsuits, judgments, tax liens, potential liens, and student loans. I will also want to know if you are facing repossessions or foreclosure. Next, I need a list of any assets such as your home and other properties, cars, jewelry, cash, stocks, bonds, and insurance policies. I will analyze your information to see what Bankruptcy chapter is best and will devise the best possible plan that the Bankruptcy Court will likely approve.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is sometimes called “liquidation” or “straight bankruptcy.” Chapter 7 allows debtors to get rid of most of their debts and get the “fresh start” a term you’ve probably seen a thousand times. ‘Fresh start’ was the verbatim term that the U.S. Congress used when creating these powerful tools. Many folks chuckle over the term, but that is EXACTLY what the process can do for you: provide you a ‘clean slate.” Chapter 7 is the chapter of liquidation where your assets are sold, and your creditors receive payment leaving you legally free from your debts.

There’s a complicated “means test” to determine if you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As your Santa Ana bankruptcy attorney, I will personally review your finances to see if you will pass the “means test” that determines if your income qualifies you for Chapter 7. If your income is too high or there are other reasons you will be ineligible for Chapter 7, we can explore Chapter 13.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is sometimes called “reorganization” bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy sets up a repayment plan that uses your income to realistically pay down your debts, instead selling off relevant assets to “settle up” with creditors. A Chapter 13 is generally used by debtors whose income exceeds the “means test” of Chapter 7. Under Chapter 13, I will help you devise a repayment plan that makes sense to you and the Court. This plan will document your plan to make installment payments to creditors over three to five years. Just like Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has its own set of rules and “means tests.”

Some of my clients choose a Chapter 13 bankruptcy over Chapter 7. The most obvious reason is if your income is too high to clear the bar of the Chapter 7 “means test.” Another reason is that you do not want to “liquidate” some important assets that Chapter 7 would require be sold off. Another significant group of clients who choose Chapter 13 are behind on their car payments or significantly behind on mortgage payments. We can often save your cars and your home. Better yet, if we can devise a plan that works for you and the Bankruptcy Court, we CAN STOP your mortgage lender from foreclosing. Chapter 13 can give you up to five years to make smaller “catch up” home loan payments and delinquent real estate taxes over time.

Lien Stripping – For those with homes, especially people where their home is “underwater,” there is something called ‘lien stripping’ which is a powerful way to eliminate some debt (like HELOC loans) in their entirety.

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is primarily a “reorganization plan” for businesses. Small businesses can take advantage of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If your business is swimming in debt but can devise a plan that demonstrates the business can be profitable after a bankruptcy, you can legally prevent creditors from making survival impossible. A business Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan will typically document cost-cutting measures and layout where new or increased sources of income will be generated.

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When is it Time to File Bankruptcy?

When is it Time to Consider Bankruptcy?

Foreclosure Sign in Front of HouseHispanic Office Worker Considering BankruptcyThe Bank is Repossessing your vehicle

Surely you should protect the things you’ve worked for. Before you simply allow your cars to be repossessed, your home foreclosed, or creditors to drag you into a courtroom, at least explore HOW bankruptcy can help you retain some or all your assets as you get your financial crisis under control.

If you’re like most people, you sometimes borrow money. We all do. We get a mortgage for our home and loans for our cars. It is almost mandatory to have a credit card. All of us intend to pay back the money we borrow. Then something happens: you lose your job, you’re laid up with a disease, illness or injury, or you had to take care of a loved one. No matter the reason, you are falling behind in making your payments.

Man looking out for REPO menSo when should you consider bankruptcy? While you still have some dignity, assets and control; before the lawsuits start, before the repo guys find your car hidden two blocks from your work; before your home is foreclosed and sold! “Considering bankruptcy” does not mean you are going to file bankruptcy. It is simply savvy and wise to explore the options that the US Congress has made available to everyone. Everyone. Individuals and businesses. Laws we can (and should) call upon when we are in a financial crisis.

Explore your options before you are reduced to a non-functional quivering mass of defeated indecision. I am Michael D. Franco and I’d like you to consider me as your Santa Ana Bankruptcy attorney – your ‘goto lawyer’ – to help you solve your financial delimma.

Why are consumers afraid to solve their financial problems using the Bankruptcy code? IMHO, a lot of it is a lack of understanding WHY the Federal and State Bankruptcy Laws were written.

The U.S. Congress DOES NOT WANT individuals, families or businesses to be stripped penniless by creditors to where the taxpayers must then take care of people! The U.S. Congress devised the Bankruptcy Laws and these very lawmakers “coined the term” FRESH START — because that’s exactly what the law accomplishes.

Consider for a second ALL the businesses you and I know that have filed bankruptcy, just in 2017, so they could get their finances in order: Toys R’ Us, Abercrombie & Fitch, CVS, J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Payless, Radio Shack, and Sears/Kmart. There were 1,000’s more! By the end of 2018, I predict there will be another 200 well-known businesses filing for bankruptcy protection. Things change for businesses, families and individuals. The bankruptcy laws enable ALL of us the power and legal means to adjust and re-group.

Office Located in Santa Ana by US Bankruptcy Court

By Phone – Skype – My Office – Your Home or Business

Call me to schedule a FREE Consultation. We can have a meeting remotely by phone or Skype, in-person here in my Santa Ana office, or when possible, I can visit you at your home, office, or your corner Starbucks. Our initial no-cost consultation can often take place the day you call.

My office is easily reached from the 5, 55 or 22 freeways in the heart of Orange County and a “stone’s throw” from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court…

Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney Map

The city of Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County. That means the Orange County, State of California, and U.S. Federal branches of governments all have Courthouses here in Santa Ana. I located my bankruptcy law office in Santa Ana as it is critical for me to represent my clients in the United States Bankruptcy Court a 4-minute walk from my office to the courtroom at 411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney Will Guide You

Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney Will Guide You

Call me. Let’s schedule a Free Consultation. Consider me as your personal Santa Ana bankruptcy attorney. I will schedule a time to privately speak with you. I will evaluate your situation and answer all your questions about bankruptcy. Then, you’ll have the knowledge you need to consider bankruptcy should things not improve. It costs you nothing to learn about bankruptcy. You’ll also determine if I’m a good fit for you should you decide to file bankruptcy.

Be proactive and decide: “Yes I will call Michael. I will explore my options.”

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